Financial Services

financial advisor

As your trusted Advisors, we believe that your financial affairs are all interrelated. Assisting businesses and individuals with their budgeting, forecasting, and taxation needs ultimately provides greater insight into other areas of your financial life. Asset Protection Solutions assists our diverse range of clients with the following aspects to help you build, manage, and secure your financial future:

Cash Flow & Debt Management

If you are like most Americans and now more than ever have realized that you are in dire need of assistance to analyze and review your current financial position, look no further. Let us assist you in identifying those areas in which we can reduce your expenses while assisting you in building that Emergency reserve and working towards your future goals.

Family Risk Management

2020 has truly opened many of our eyes to things that we have for years taken for granted. And now more than ever we have realized the importance of ensuring that we are planning today for the unknown that tomorrow brings. Hence the reason why we review and discuss “all” of our tax client’s insurance needs. We discuss the following areas to ensure that your family is appropriately covered:

  • Life Insurance (Term & Permanent)
  • Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Long-Term Care

Education Planning

In today’s economic climate and the escalating cost of education, it is of utmost importance that we consider “all” of our educational savings needs. Allow us to review your options and discuss which savings vehicle would work best given your situation. We will be sure to assist you in navigating these waters while educating you regarding your various educational savings options such as the 529, prepaid tuition plans, Coverdell education savings accounts, and custodial accounts.

Retirement & Distribution Planning

Many of our clients have saved for years on end and “finally” have reached that time in their life that they are able to retire securely. Many have hopes and dreams of traveling or perhaps maybe a second career. Whatever the case may be, ensuring that your nest egg continues to grow and is not subject to the ups and downs of the marketplace is absolutely imperative. If this sounds like you, please be sure to schedule a consultation to discuss how we may be able to assist you in this new phase of your life.

As CPA’s, we are required to be sure that we are consistently fulfilling our fiduciary obligation and “always” considering what is in the best interest of the client; hence, the reason why Asset Protection Solutions works with over 20 different insurance carriers to meet our needs!